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Get the latest news from across the country and around the world on several topics via a broad spectrum of publications. Stay in the know about the people, places and events dominating the news cycle.

News sources

Get coverage from multiple major publications that represent a broad spectrum of political views.

Newshound is a news aggregator that gets its news stories from multiple sources, all carefully selected on the basis that they have their own newsrooms which publish original reporting. In aggregate, their output represents a broad spectrum of political views.

Newshound news sources

News sections

Keep up with breaking news throughout the day with full coverage of politics, business, technology, sports, and more.

Newshound breaks up the news into major categories like sports, business, technology, etc. so you can go straight to the categories that interest you the most.

Newshound news sections

News stories

Gather different perspectives on the main headlines of the day through story clusters that bring together diverse points of view from multiple sources.

When a newsworthy event occurs, several publications cover it. Newshound clusters those news stories together algorithmically, allowing you to examine media coverage of the event from several different perspectives and come to a balanced understanding.

Newshound news stories


Stay in the know about the people, places and things dominating the airwaves in the current 24-hour news cycle.

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Newshound cares about your privacy. Newshound does not collect any personal information and does not display any ads.

All URLs go directly to the publisher's website. No tracking, no redirection, no cookies, no Javascript.

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About Us

Bruce and Freida

We are two friends, Bruce and Freida, and we are happy and excited to share with the world our little project: Newshound, a web-based news aggregator. We started work on it in 2017 and launched it in 2018.

When we started out building Newshound, we didn't know anything about the technology that powers news aggregators in general. The learning curve was steep but along the way we picked up quite a bit about text mining via natural language processing methods.

We hope to share this learning with you in a series of blog posts on our website. Along the way, we will also showcase new features that we develop. Please subscribe to our blog via RSS.

If this is your first time reading our blog, we suggest you start with Under the hood of Newshound's news aggregation platform and then branch off from there.

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